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Acknowledgements and links

A warm ‘thank you’ to our friends at Birding London for their help, encouragement and friendship over several decades (

The following recognizes other individuals and their orgamizations who have spent time with us and shared our passion for all things natural:

All the staff at Riverbend Park, Fairfax County Park Authority (Virginia) (

The volunteers and members at the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia ( and the North Virginia Bird Club (

Friends of Riverbend Park (

Our friends at the Herts Bird Club ( and Friends of Tring Reservoirs ( 'back home' and the current and past staff at the RSPB ( where it all started all those years ago.

Virginia Society of Ornithology (

Birding DC is featured on Guided (


Sibley Guides Notebook (
Virginia Avian Records Committee -- VARCOM (
Virginia Bluebird Society (
North Virginia Bird Club