Birding DC

Visiting other capital birding sites?

Visit our associate web site at Birding London for birding in the United Kingdom.

About our tours

When you book one of our tours, we will discuss a preliminary style for the day and any personal requirements or targets you might have. You might be interested in particular species, wish to have a limit to physical exertion, or be willing to leave the agenda to us to meet more general wishes to acquaint yourself with the area's wildlife.

A typical tour begins early in the day with a pickup at your Washington hotel or accommodation. Transportation will mostly be by car but we will spent a lot of time on foot in the field seeing birds and other wildlife. We may be in a position to offer walking tours depending on your location.

There will be refreshment breaks to your requirements (see Terms and Conditions however) but, for those wanting to make the most of their day, can also spend more time in the field.

Tours close during the early evening depending on the time of year, weather conditions and participant requirements on the day.

If you would like to participate, please check with us for availability, then download, complete and return our booking form.